Csaba Bernáth is a Hungarian graphic designer and Design Director for Cold Castle Studios while operating as Creative Director of his own boutique studio, VUU. In his career Bernáth has worked as a designer in freelancing, design studios, advertising agencies and gaming studios. This young artist’s career has been and continues to be prolific. His works show off a wide range of ability in his design from professional logo and cover art to exceptional, three dimensional, ‘Rick and Morty’ fan art. It’s his impressive versatility that makes Bernáth a resourceful pro. Everything he does is interesting and worth looking at but my favorite genre of Bernáth’s artwork is his portraiture.

Drawing of a Guy With Spectacles and Trimmed Beard

Bernáth did work on a personal project for his Instagram where he made digitally drawn portraits of people on the platform. The series of works produced from this are awesome. Each portrait has a comic book vibe, employing clean, simple line work and using shadow and lighting to build out the depth and shaping of his subjects. Using a simple, solid color background, allows Bernáth to bring full focus on his figures while employing another single color for the subject of the portrait creates an appealing contrast. The series follows a wide range of people and facial hair, spanning across age, race, mood and level of hipster. And in that way, it’s an excellent representation of the Instagram world, who knows, maybe someday you’ll be a Csaba Bernáth portrait.

Drawing of a Girl With Cap and Eight Rings

Drawing of a Guy With Hat, Beard and Sunglass

Drawing of a Girl With Short Hair and Flower Pin In Hair

Drawing of a Guy With Tattoo and Beard