I have about 45 random apps installed on my phone and I confess I probably only use five of them regularly. Instagram is in that small group of five. I’m a visual person, so being able to pull a feed of images from folks that inspire me has become a daily pleasure/addiction.

This is another segment for one of my favorite columns on DA. Part six begins with one of my own drawings (at top) and continues to feature things from scribbles to refined illustrations from some very inspiring people. You can click the following links to view the archive: part one, two, three, four, and five.

Photo by David Fullarton

Photo by Todd Marrone

Photo by Faythe Levine. Envelope by makealflammini

Photo by Sophie Roach

Photo by Pablo Ientile

Photo by Audrey Kawasaki

Photo by Rex Crowle

Photo by as3astri