Hey, Doodlers! We’re back with another drawing challenge from our sister site, Doodle Addicts. They’re hosting a new awesome drawing challenge right now called Inside Your Mind, and submissions are open through December 29th!

It seems that with each passing year we as a collective all become a bit more introspective and understanding of the complex place that is our minds. Looking inward can be hard, but our minds are where we spend the majority of our time and its landscape can determine our lives. To us, one of the most beautiful things about the human experience is how different, yet similar, we are and that’s why we’re challenging you to show us what it would be like to step inside your mind for a day.

Visa Giftcard

They’re awarding one winner a $25 gift card. The Challenge ends on Thursday, December 29th at 3:00PM EST. See the complete rules and submit your work on the official challenge page.