It’s safe to say that our sister site, Doodle Addicts, is full of incredible artists – and one of our current favorites happens to be Piotr Piwko. Piotr’s work is so distinct and intricate, it’s easy to tell who it belongs to whenever we’re scrolling through the site. We adore his full-page sketchbook spreads and have often found ourselves getting lost in the details of his work. He primarily works in black ink, and his style is incredible, but more than anything we love everything he chooses to bring to life on his sketchbook pages.

One of our favorites of his, pictured above, is titled Gumball 3000 and depicts various cars that look like they’re from the past, present, and future. We can’t get over his use of space and how it feels as though his artwork really does live beyond the edges of his sketchbook. Check out a few more of our favorites below as well as his Doodle Addicts page, his website, Instagram, and YouTube!