Chris Buchholz has mastered something I aspire to create myself: the illustrated travel journal. He’s had the opportunity to do a good amount of travel, and his experiences spill out brilliantly onto the pages of his sketchbooks, accompanied by written reflection. Chris’s sketchbook is his constant companion as he travels through and lives in these different places. The images you see here are his time spent in the Dominican Republic and Italy. The drawings themselves are bright and beautiful, especially when seeing them on such simple a canvas as a sketchbook.

Chris’s technique with line and color brings the viewer into the experience: you can feel how hot it is in the DR, and how delicious a super fria cerveza would be at midday. Furthermore, you can taste how fresh the fruit is at the Italian market.

A post from June 12, 2013 showed Chris thinking aloud about drawings that were NOT in his usual observational style, but instead – in his words – “from the right side of the brain.” To hear any artist talk about breaking out of their comfortable style is fascinating, and makes me think about my own process: how comfortable I’ve gotten in one thing, and how important it is to try something different: explorating new styles, mediums, and imagery.