Paul Miller is a U.K.-based wildlife artist with a passion for capturing the beauty of nature through his art practice. He creates intricate, detailed artwork that showcases the incredible diversity and richness of wildlife, and through his work, he aims to raise awareness about conservation issues and the need to protect endangered species. Paul’s artwork is highly detailed and realistic, with an incredible level of accuracy that captures the unique features of each animal. When we first came across his artwork, it took us a minute to realize we weren’t looking at something digital or a photograph! His primary mediums seem to be pastel pencils and soft pastels, however, it sometimes seems more like it’s magic the way he can bring something to life the way he does.

Paul’s dedication to his craft and his love of animals is evident in every piece he creates, there is so much attention to detail and a commitment to getting each creature right. Our first guess would have been that his drawings take upwards of weeks, which might be the case for certain pieces, but we’ve seen him comment that some of his art takes him 40-odd hours. It’s still an incredible amount of time to spend on a single piece, but given what the final outcome of his work is, it speaks wonders about his overall talent as an artist. One thing we really love about Paul’s art is the community that has been fostered around it, every post on Instagram has dozens to hundreds of comments remarking on his talent, asking questions, and just generally being supportive. It’s always incredible to see an active community, especially when they’re coming together to support someone as talented as Paul.

Check out some of our other favorites of Paul’s artwork below, follow him on Instagram here, and check out his Facebook page here.