Madalina Andronic is a Romanian illustrator now working out of Italy. With an MA in Illustration from Camberwell College of Arts, Andronic draws inspiration for her work from native art, folklore, love and travels. Looking at her pieces, it’s easy to see why she has had the opportunity to work for clients from around the world while having nine books published in Romania, the UK and the United States.

Woman riding a bike while holding her swimsuit in the air with one hand

Andronic’s artistic output has a magical feel with many of her illustrations incorporating fruit, food and aspects of nature in completely unexpected ways. Her most recent series of pieces, posted as ‘C’est deja les vacances 2019’, show just how far Andronic has come as an artist while tantalizing us with ideas of where she may go inthe future. The entire series is Summer through and through in Andronic’s signature style. The first piece evokes the magical merging of nature we often see in her work with a bed of flowers appearing where the spokes of a bicycle wheel should be while it’s rider flies by with one hand on the handles and the other holding the top of a bathing suit streaming in the wind. It evokes the freedom and fun of summer perfectly while acting as a perfect introduction to the rest of the series’ scenes of summer fun. It’s filled with oversized fruit, like a strawberry resting on a woman’s bare back and butt, a woman with close-cropped hair straddling an enormous pomegranate opened in a suggestive feminine manner and a burly man with green line flora tattoos, wearing a beret and carrying a gigantic lemon under one of his arms. They’re bright, vibrant scenes of one of the best times of year, often capturing the spirit of the feminine in classic ways that still feel fresh under Andronic’s touch. Whether you’re looking for a new print, a shirt or a tote, Madalina Andronic’s work is the perfect way to commemorate the summer of 2019 in style.

Illustration of a woman with long brown hair sitting on top of an Orange

Illustration of a woman with long blonde hair sitting on top of a Watermelon

Illustration of a man wearing a beret who has tattoos and is holding a large lemon

Illustration of a woman with short black hair sitting behind a pomegranate