During our last drawing challenge sponsored by 3Doodler, we stirred up the childhood imagination of 42 creatives from the Doodle Addicts community. The prompt was simple: Draw your childhood imaginary friend, no matter WHAT it was. The submissions we received ranged from silly, to scary, to heart-warming and everything else in between. The top three submissions are receiving a 3Doodler Create+ Master Creator Set, and the #1 spot, Joey Gao, will now be able to see his imaginary friend come to life all thanks to 3Doodler! Check out some of the challenge highlights below, or click here to see the entire gallery of submissions on Doodle Addicts.

1st Place: Joey Gao

“My imaginary friend as a kid was a monster travelled from telephone pole to telephone pole, and it always dangled the moon in front of me.”

2nd Place: Sydney Anne Bellair
“This creature has green moss growing out of its back and stick-like antlers extruding out of its head to improve its camouflage in the woods. Not only is my imaginary friend cute and cuddly but it is also agile and stealthy. The shiny scales that cover the lower half of its body provide protection to the creature. Overall, this imaginary friend is amazing in every way.”

3rd Place: Simon Wells

“As a child, I’d read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and a brooding, Goth like Juliet became my imaginary friend. She would sit on a swing and be my muse.”

Submitted by: AKU NAPIE

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: Federico

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: Tim Wesson

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: Tim Nordin

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: Karl Dupéré-Richer