It feels like every time we get online there are a million new things for us to consume, and it’s no different in the art world. Whether it’s the newest trend for digital art, a challenge for hand-drawn art, or a new way to spread the word about your work – there’s always something new to discover. This was the case when we found Alex Peter Idoko, a pyrography artist, and although we knew that the art of wood burning existed, we’ve never seen it done quite the way Idoko has managed to do it. We’ve been accustomed to seeing landscapes or nature-focused artworks created via fire, but hyperrealistic portraits are something completely new to us. Even after watching some of Idoko’s videos and seeing his process, we’re still not quite sure how he’s able to create such magnificent artwork from fire, razorblades, and sandpaper, but he does and there aren’t a ton of words to describe how impressive it really is.

Above anything, the creativity and ingenuity necessary as an individual and artist to create something so specific and beautiful is intense. When we see portfolio’s like Inoko’s, it’s always a reminder that people can really find and excel within their calling, and it’s incredible to know he’s done just that. There’s no doubt in our mind Inoko was meant to work with fire, meant to create these portraits, and more than anything, meant to spread the message he does throughout his body of work. We hope you take the time to view Inoko’s larger body of work on his website or Instagram, and really relish in knowing that it’s not often you come across an artist doing something that feels so genuine this well.