Vivien Szaniszlo is a hidden secret of an artist whose incredible paintings are filled with hidden secrets of their own. Specializing in glow in the dark paintings, Szaniszlo’s talents truly come to life when the lights go off. The before and after effect of Szaniszlo’s paintings carries with it the feeling of seeing something completely new and amazing.

Glow In The Dark Paintings Of Harmony

What really makes Vivien stand atop glow in the dark mountain is her all-encompassing vision, her ability to build an image that is both vivid and serene in the light and dark while standing apart as two equally valid yet new/unique paintings in either form. In one of her pieces, Harmony, is shown in both forms. As seen in the light, the painting is alive with peaceful pinks, purples, and blues with a dash of orange/yellow blends. We see a woman with light bursting from her hands up into the blended skies of peak sunsets. When the lights go off the viewer sees what the long woman may be fending off. Her light dims as the sky fills with dragons, glowing in neon bright greens and blues, the area on the ground around her now lined and accented by those neon blues and a ring of yellow.

Glow In The Dark Paintings Of Anubis.jpg

You can feel the painting illuminating just from seeing pictures of it, it feels so bright that it’s impossible to not want to see the change in person. All of her glow in the dark paintings have this magical pull and are just as powerful and full of hidden elements. A quick favorite is Belongs To You. A fox looking at a flower under glass turns into a starry silhouette of a man kneeling in front of a woman under the glass with a heart hovering above them. They tell stories, stand as beautiful works of art in light and dark and will never leave your sight if you so choose. What’s better than multipurpose day/night artwork worthy of a gallery?

Glow In The Dark Paintings Of I Take Care Of You

Glow In The Dark Paintings Of Belongs To You

Glow In The Dark Paintings Of From The Deep

Glow In The Dark Paintings Alpha.jpg