If there’s one thing we wish we could be full of – it would be flowers. Since that’s not possible, we’ll settle for the next best thing, Jana Brike’s art. Jana is a Latvian artist whose work has been featured internationally and her website describes her arts focus as, “…the internal space and state of a human soul – dreams, longing, love, pain, the vast range of emotions that human condition offers and the transcendence of them all, the growing up and self-discovery. Her work is her poetic visual autobiography.” Looking at her portfolio, it’s easy to see what this means. Overflowing with emotion and figures who are often caught tangled in beds of delicate flowers, Jana’s work is pure humanity.

Her work perfectly balances art that is visually stunning with raw emotion, at the surface level, you can’t help but be encaptured by the beauty that radiates each of her paintings. However, once you take them in and sit with them, there’s always something lurking beneath the surface. It goes without being said that Jana is an incredible artist, and one we urge you to take the time to check out. We’ve included a few of our favorite pieces below but you can browse more of Jana’s work on her Instagram or website.