Beverly Ng’s sketchbook titled “Fluorescent Adolescent” is a collection of doodles, collage, and journaling throughout her college years. I’m such a sucker when it comes to combining those three things into a single spread. Her continuous project perfectly captures the essence of self-discovery and her colorful interpretation of the world around her. The clean boxes of text create a vibe of organized chaos, and the rainbow hues in the characters hair/skin give her illustrations a mystical feel. Sketchbooks like this are what inspire me to continue with art journaling daily: it will never get old. 

nikes, colored pencil, art journal, mystical, cosmic, portraits

hair drawing, multicolored hair, portraiture, colored pencil

trippy doodles, patterns, mushroom drawing, greenery, pink marker

rainbow hair, tattoos, womanhood, doodles, diary

observational drawing, negative space, words, design

journal entry, art diary, colorful, patterns, planets

realistic, abstract, drawing, combination, pencil portrait

concert doodle, musician drawing, singing, line, line art, photography

frida colored pencil, frida kahlo drawing, collage, journaling

collage, patterns, line art drawing, paragraph text