General Questions

The best way is to doodle all the time and post high quality images in our participate section - we look through all participate galleries on a daily basis. We also check #doodlersanonymous on instagram and tumblr from time to time, so putting our hashtag on your posts is one way to get our attention. Finally, you can click here to submit your portfolio for us to check out.

Maybe! If it makes a fun story with a good idea and interesting photos, feel free to pass your event information along to our editorial team using this form.

Hell yeah! Use the contact form at the top of our page to tell us about your awesome product. Though we can't make any promises, you never know.

If it’s relevant to our content, we’re down to host a giveaway for our members. Use the contact form at the top of our page to share your idea with us.

If you’re interested in purchasing ad space on the site, click this link to find out more information, including placement and rates.

If you're looking to take the relationship one step further (showcase sponsorships, partnerships, other collaborations, site-takeovers, etc...), fill out this contact form or email editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com to share what you have in mind.

You can find more information on advertising and collaboration opportunities on our advertise page.

Member Questions

You can collect all your favorite posts from our blog by starring them, and your profile becomes an awesome wall of inspiration specifically for you. You can enter our Showcase challenges, where you could possibly win a sweet prize. You can talk to us and other artist through comments, we love to hear your opinion on art! Plus, we have a lot more cool stuff coming our way, so you'd be ready to go when the new features are launched.

We check out work from members of our commmunity on a regular basis. It helps if have your DA profile completely filled out with a short bio, your location, and links to your website and/or social media accounts.

Check your spam folder first, that’s usually where it is. If it’s not there, send a message to [email protected] and we’ll give you a hand.


Showcases are a drawing challenges we host from time to time. We set a theme and let our members run creatively wild with how to interpret it. Although most showcases are sponsored with a sweet prize for a winner (or set of winners), our goal with the showcases is to challenge our community creatively and collectively create a collection of awesome art.

The basic structure of our showcase challenges is: (1) We have an open-call for submissions for a pre-determined amount of time. Here we typically announce the theme, the rules, and a prize (if any); (2) Once all submissions are in, we have a period of voting where everyone from the community gets to vote on their favorite submissions; (3) The DA editors choose their winner(s).

Most showcases have unique rules about how you can enter (such as templates to use or parameters to follow). We always lay out the rules underneath the explanation of the challenge.

If you're interested in becoming a showcase sponsor, fill out the contact form or reach out to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com and we'll be in touch with details.