When I was a kid, I would always get in trouble for doodling in my notebook while the teacher was talking. I still have the same “problem” to this day. It’s generally seen as daydreaming or just straight up disrespectful. For me though, it helps me focus more on what is being said and keeps my mind from wandering off. That’s why I can relate so well with illustrator/awesome person John Hendrix who spends his time in church doodling away. His artwork is so detailed, capturing the sermon through hand-drawn compositions of typography, narrative illustrations, and sharp perspectives. All of these spreads were done while sitting in the pew (except for the watercolors that he’d add once he got home). John showcases the entire “Drawings In Church” series on his website, telling us that for him “simultaneous drawing and listening transforms familiar language into something new: a feedback loop of symbols, theology and wonder.” These are just a few of my hand-picked favorites (it was very difficult decision), so be sure to check out the full collection!

sloth, drawing, magenta, watercolors, journal

birds, religious drawing, doodle, deep drawing

jesus doodle, god drawing, hand drawn, typography, watercolor sky

watercolor trees, arboretum painting, plant drawings

underwater watercolor, hand drawn type, monster doodle

rainbow typography, big bad wolf drawing, type, god

skeleton watercolor, chains drawing, doodle, prisoners

ship line art, red seas, experimental type

church drawing, sermon, journaling, typography

giant drawing, goliath drawing, church sketchbook

experimental typography, floral type, ballpoint pen doodle

watercolor doodle, wooden typography, butterfly, gospel doodle