Sarah Mari Shaboyan is an analog artist who has reminded us of the simple pleasures of what art is really about, drawing for joy. In her own words on an Instagram post we came across, “Drawing just for your joy is the best treatment, you’re free of your own criticism, you don’t care at all about the results and you enjoy every singe stroke just because you’re relaxed.” If you’re an artist yourself or really doing anything you love, you know how hard it can be to do your best work when responding to the wants of others, whether it be clients, customers, or even your internal thoughts. We sometimes can get so caught up in what we think we should create or put out into the world, that it can be really easy to lose ourselves and the overall enjoyment these outlets are supposed to bring us. Sarah’s portfolio is a testament to what can happen when you strip your practice of these expectations and just focus on creating.

Aside from her innate talent and incredible subject matter, we’ve found Sarah’s Instagram account to also be an incredible resource for other artists who are looking to expand their practice or refocus their creativity. She has a highlight full of insight into what tools she uses, her process, and seemingly her most asked question – where does she get her inspiration from? One of her answers really struck a chord with us, she remarked, “I draw anything I find interesting… If the ‘task’ of drawing is interesting for me, there’s no difference in the object of the drawing. I think that anything can look interesting, it depends on which angle we look at it.” This is the core of what art is, and should always, be about. Whether she chooses to illustrate a building, a cheetah, or a houseplant, the outcome is always captivating because it was never solely about the subject, but that she derived joy from creating her own rendition of it’s existence.

Check out a few of our favorite illustrations of Sarah’s below. You can also follow her on Instagram here and shop her artwork here.