Ania Pawlik continues to shake up the Participate section with her bold, mysterious sketchbook submissions. What I enjoy the most from her sketchbook is the theme that she’s got going using coffee and ink as her medium. Now I’ll never be able to look at my morning cup of coffee the same again! It really gets you brainstorming about how you can break free from your typical go-to tools. The subtle watery beige color works wonders with the bold black ink to create a cosmic, star-drenched sky. If you want to see even more from Ania, click here and show some love!

galaxy, moon, hammock, man, stars, paint

coffee beans, jesus, addicted, heavenly

black hole, constellations, ladder, illustration

hands, sky, heavens, stars

night, man bun, sky, cat, scenery

flowers, hands, symbols, sky, supernatural