A month ago I mentioned a doodle competition over at Social Designer based on the simple theme: One-liner. I believe something around 228 submissions came in and I was given the task to pick the one I thought stood out among the rest. It was quite difficult, to be honest. I decided to first narrow it down to those that simply caught my attention with their aesthetic. I got it down to ten, all beautiful, all deserving of the win. From those, I chose what I felt had the best concept behind its inception and would also land great on a t-shirt. The winner is Richard Lawson, who submitted the above drawing titled Doodling Around Town, with the description:

“This t-shirt design was created from the idea that a doodle is a ‘one-liner’, a zinger; a quick, simple, subconscious burst of creativity that appears erratically from the vehicle of creation, in this case it is the pencil.”

That’s it, I was sold. An excellent breakdown of the theme, tied together with a great visual. Congratulations to Richard and to the honorable mentions that made it difficult for me to pick a single winner.

By Max F., Jess Smart Smiley, Anjo Bolarda, Nour Bishouty, Janelmy, Andre, Jason Anderson, Scetlana Sudeykina)

“This is pretty much just a doodle of underwater creatures inspired by my sister’s hair and hair-clip.” — Nour Bishouty (Underwater)