Make something of your mistakes. That’s what Giula Bernadelli does, and the results are delectable. When her food is knocked over, she goes with the flow and creates stunning images using her fingers, utensils, or food instead of brushes. Plates, cups, and tablecloths are the canvas for her delicious doodles made with coffee, honey, ice cream, wine, fruit, nutella… Nothing on the table is safe! You can’t even be mad over the mess made when it’s this visually remarkable. The finished results look so good, it’s wild to think they started out as a shapeless stain. Follow @bernulia on instagram if you wanna watch this coffee+doodle addict keep playing with her food.

mary poppins honey doodle

coffee doodle portrait

spilled wine doodle

alice in wonderland coffee doodle

nutella doodle portrait

lovers coffee doodle

Related: This is reminiscent of when OKAT (@doodlers) had a cafe colada spill (photo below) over his work papers a few months back. Like a true doodle addict, he covered up his mistake by turning it into a vintage deep sea diver. Accidents are suddenly not embarrassing when you make something awesome out of them!