Kilo Blimp is a self-taught painter and podcast host of a show called OPEN STUDIO where he invites artists he knows and admires to talk with me about all things creative. On his Patreon he states that he makes art full-time, so in other words, he’s living the artist’s dream! We came across his work on Instagram and were immediately struck by his use of color and subject matter. His portfolio consists of an impressive collection of contemporary art, and as the title suggests, it’s all honestly so beautiful it’s to die for. One of our favorite things about exploring Kilo’s artwork on social media is the accompanying captions he provides for some of his pieces. Being provided a window into the mind of an artist is what really seals the deal for a lot of art lovers, and Kilo’s ability to convey his thoughts and struggles is the cherry on top.

There are so many fun things to explore with Kilo’s work! Make sure you follow him on Instagram here, check out his podcast here, explore his Patreon, and shop his paintings here! Also, before you go, check out a few of our favorites below.