Morkwork is a super-duo team of artists who describe themselves as a “house of ideas.” I get good vibes from their playful dynamic and childishly carefree doodles that I can’t get enough of, so I asked Glenis and Marcos a few questions about their projects and Morkwork in general!

DA: Hello! How’s everything going?

M: Hi! We are actually quite busy, splitting our time between working in our daily routine, as everyone else, and creating illustrations for our second exhibition that will be ready by December.

DA: We’re glad you took some time out of your schedule for us. So how did Morkwork start anyway?

M: Glenis and I (Marcos) met at the Design Institute. There we used to communicate through text and cartoons in our notebooks, especially when we were bored. Thanks to those doodles, we started to create our own language. M: After a couple of years we decided to take this naive way of drawing and make it our stamp. We had a hard beginning and thanks to several internet portals, people started to follow our work and clients contacted us showing interest in our personal style.

DA: Morkwork is a fun name for your stuff. Does it mean something?

M: Morkwork is the place where we, “the morks,” put our artwork. Mor comes from the Spanish word “amor.” That means love, and it’s what we call each other.

DA: Cute. I’m interested in hearing about what your drawing process is like.

M: We enjoy the process, it is what keeps us hooked. We have fun composing with colors and geometrical shapes, then contrast it with organic characters. It is a mixture between working with conscience and the subconscious at the same time. M: We have always thought the concept is the soul of the things you do, but once you have a clear idea of what you need, let your hand draw by itself, so it evolves in a fluid way. If you put too much brains in what you do, you would probably block yourself and nothing comes out. You are limiting things by your own prejudices and you have to trust more in the knowledge of the subconscious.

DA: Definitely agree with you there. Tell me about one of the art projects you’ve had the most fun doing.

M: We recently did a series of drawings in acrylic paint and loved being able to paint like children do: with fingers, hands, wipes, paper. We are both graphic designers and spend most of our time at the computer. Having a blank canvas in front of us with the opportunity to paint it without limitation was a very rewarding and liberating experience… and we are becoming addicted to this feeling.

DA: Yesss, we’re super familiar with being addicts to it. What do you like to do when you aren’t doodling?

M: We love the sea, we are fortunate to live 5 minutes from the coast. We enjoy going for walks, playing with the dog, taking a nice dip at the beach, or just staying like fools watching the horizon.

DA: Did you color in your own illustration in our Coloring Book Volume 3?

M: Yes! Have a look and enjoy!

DA: Love it!!