There’s something nostalgically exuberant about BadBuzz’s doodles. He has a playful comic-like drawing style that distinctly pops out from the rest — which is something impressive considering each page in our Coloring Book is illustrated by a different artist. BadBuzz likes to keep it simple (most of his drawings are only done with pen and pencil), so our interview with him is short & sweet to match!

DA: Hey BadBuzz! What have you been up to recently?

BB: I’ve just returned from Kino Siska in Ljubljana (Slovenia) where I helped to set up a traveling exhibition for Staalplaat (Book and record store in Berlin). One of the days I was there I organised a Zine workshop for the local artists to show them how it was possible to make a zine in a day.

DA: That sounds fun. So when did you find out you were a doodle addict?

BB: The only things that interested me when I was a kid were drawing, skateboarding and football. English, History, Maths and Geography were great lessons to draw in because they were so boring. I draw every day but I like to draw whilst I’m on a plane or train, shutting off the outside world and listening to music. 

DA: Is there something you can’t live without?

BB: Records!

DA:  I love everything separated into boxes in your illustration for our coloring book. I’ve seen you do that in a few other drawings too. Is there an inspiration behind it?

BB: I had a dream one night and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle said I should start drawing everything in boxes, so I did. Turtles often appear in my dreams.

DA: LOL! Show us how you colored in your own illustration.