Have you ever heard of cheese dreams? I was told by a reliable source (a guy I met at a party once) that if you eat a slice of cheese before bed you’re guaranteed the wildest, wackiest dreams of your life. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation between the more cheese you eat before bed and the crazier your dreams are… but I tried it a few month ago with a handful of mozzarella and I can confirm that yes, things did get weird in slumber land that night!

Anyhow, when I look at Kasia Hugstoli’s doodlings, that’s what I wonder. Does she eat a lot of cheese before bed? Because there’s something so dreamy and weird about her simple marks on paper. They feel certain, too. As if she just wakes up from a cheese dream, grabs a pen, and has to jot down this visual as quick as she can, knowing that in a few seconds it’ll all be forgotten and she’ll slip back into the real world.

Enjoy! (preferably with a slice of cheese in hand)