Do you have a young artist in your life whose creations are always blowing you away? If so, tell them about this awesome illustration challenge! Doodle for Google is an annual competition held by Google for children aged K-12 that asks for an illustration of the Google logo to be made based on a prompt that differs each year. This year, the theme is “I am grateful for…” and the prompt reads:

“Taking a step back to think about what we’re grateful for can be a great way to take care of our mental health and refocus on what’s most important. What moments, people, places and things are special to you? What or whom can you not imagine living without? What are the things that get you through the day? Our theme this year encourages you to share what you appreciate most.”

There are various examples from past years to draw inspiration from and it’s a great way to challenge the imagination and capabilities of younger artists. It’s also a great way to get them thinking about and reflecting on an important topic, the things they enjoy and value the most. Check out some previous submissions below and see the full entry details here.

Artwork by Helene Leroux
Artwork by Anthony Irwin
Artwork by Alyssa Winans