Bethany Stahl is a Knoxville based artist, illustrator and author. Typically working “in a line and wash style”, Stahl’s watercolor paintings bring storybook magic to the homes of the clients she works with. Born out of a stranger’s commission to produce a painting of their home, Bethany Stahl found her painting passion, bringing the romantic magic of each family’s individual home, to life.

People now come to Stahl with requests to paint their homes in her signature style. An expert with watercolors, she employs the unique ability of the paints to combine rich and washed coloring to great effect, building a romanticized, storybook feel. For the owners of the homes, she captures and highlights the elements of their houses, whether stately or quaint, that makes them special. Whether it’s a royal blue door, saturated, or the splash of green the fauna around the home provides, Stahl always manages to emphasize certain details that allow the viewer to see how the house is seen in memory.

For Stahl, she has written about how special her niche in the art world has been for her, recognizing the value of capturing the victories of first homes or memories of past homes now lost for people and the level of personal connection that brings to her pieces. She is an artist absolutely worth checking out. Given the nature of her work, you may even want her to paint your home for you.

Watercolor drawing of a house

A watercolor drawing of a ranch-style home