Laura Köhler seems to have a solid mission as an artist, “convey joy by using bold colours,” and we think she’s achieved it tenfold. Laura is a German-based artist and has spent a lot of her life traveling and establishing herself. From summers in Spain as a child, to traveling the world as an adult, to a fashion design career, Laura seems to have lived many lives before becoming a full-time painter. On her website, she states that “being creative has always been an important part of my life. At the age of 8 I began to draw portraits with pencil and at 15 I almost painted abstract landscapes with acrylics on self-made canvases.” It’s evident in Laura’s work that there’s been a long-time interest in creating, there’s so much attention to detail, layers, and just an overall positive feeling that radiates from her work.

Laura really dedicated her life to her practice during the pandemic, as she says it gave her the time to really focus on the subject. It’s crazy to look at her work and think she’s been doing this regularly for just a few years, but the talent and creativity really speaks to this being her passion and in our opinion, her calling. Sometimes you look at a piece of art and just know that the artist created it with love, and even with her artwork being relatively abstract, this comes through within her paintings. The composition of her artworks is always beautiful, but it’s honestly her use of color that steals the show for us. Vibrant, cohesive, and just brimming with life, you can’t help but be happy while viewing her portfolio.

It’s safe to say that Laura’s artwork lives in our heads, rent-free. Make sure you check out her full portfolio, see her prints, and learn more about her here. To follow her on Instagram, you can find her here.