Who ever thought that a beetle could look so beautiful? Charlotte Wilson-Smith from Manchester, UK is the maker of these inspiring insects. The way she captures their naturally colorful aura is absolutely on point, while maintaining the subtle differences between each unique beetle species and the way they reflect light. I love how clean, detailed, and colorful her illustrations are. The subject matter is definitely different than what you typically see in someones’ sketchbook. I’m going to assume she was drawing from a photo reference and not up close and personal — if that is the case, you’ve got guts, Charlotte! Either way, I’m in love with her drawings and stepped away from this with a whole new appreciation for these magical creepy crawlies.

beetle wings, drawing, colorful

beetles, aura, up close, sketchbook

wings, bugs, insect drawing

blue beetle, aura, shine, colorful drawing

brown beetles, bug doodle

purple beetle, bugs, creepy crawly

rainbow beetles, shimmer, light

stinger, bugs, beetles, doodles