Alex Cabal is a very talented illustrator based in Los Angeles who’s been killin’ it on DA with her badass portraits of women, particularly ones that incorporate beautiful, blossoming flower crowns. She draws these ladies in a way that is so simple and elegant, with hints of color and patterns that pop. She uses a red lead pencil for sketching, and then different sizes of black ink brush pens to bring her drawings to life. Their sassy expressions create a wonderful contrast with the blooming botanicals, like yin and yang. I was curious as to what inspired her to create this particular series, so I asked her personally. She replied:   

“My biggest sources of inspiration for the flower crown women are the women from the Kalinga tribe. Learning about them and their history was so fascinating, especially the process and meaning behind their tattoos. I love drawing strong women, so it was only natural to try and capture their essence in my style”

Be sure to check out the rest of her uploads on DA and if you still want more, you can even commission her on Etsy to draw a portrait of you or a loved one! How awesome is that?