Time travel isn’t real (or is it?) but with artists like Lilian Greisse, it is a reality. With artwork full of castles, kings, queens, and ancient battles – viewing Lilian’s work is like stepping into another century. Lilian is one of the many talented artists on our sister site, Doodle Addicts, where we came across her work a little while ago – and its essence immediately captured us! It’s hard not to feel nostalgic for a time we’ll never get to experience, and maybe that’s why it’s so intriguing for us as viewers. The way she defines her art practice is, “I’m just someone who has [a] love for classical art and likes to try…a lot.” We love the simplicity of her bio, mostly because it truly allows for her art to speak for her. It’s not hard to see where her passion ties into her talent, and we urge you to check it out for yourself! You can view her full Doodle Addicts portfolio here and check out a few of our favorites below.