Natasha, known online as Kawaiitash.bujo, is an artist and bullet journal enthusiast who has gained a following on Instagram for her creative and colorful sketchbook spreads. Her unique style incorporates a mix of Japanese kawaii (meaning cute) culture, vibrant colors, lettering, and intricate illustrations. Upon first glance, Natasha’s Instagram page is a feast for the eyes! Her spreads are bursting with color, featuring a rainbow of shades and hues that instantly grab your attention and she uses a variety of mediums, including markers, pens, and even washi tape to create a visually stunning aesthetic.

What sets Natasha apart from other bullet journal artists is her use of kawaii elements. She often incorporates adorable characters and icons throughout her spreads, adding a playful touch to her pages. From cute animals to smiling food items, her kawaii illustrations bring a sense of joy and lightheartedness to her work. Another aspect of her style that stands out is her immense attention to detail. Her illustrations are intricate and carefully crafted, with each element thoughtfully placed. She also incorporates a variety of layouts and designs, experimenting with different shapes and patterns to create something that feels fun and fresh every time.

Natasha’s an incredibly talented artist whose work has captivated the art community, and we can see why! You can check out a few of our favorites below, follow her on Instagram here, and even shop coloring pages of her bullet journals here.