Sillvi Illustrations is the business of the Korea-born Canadian artist nicknamed Sillvi. As an artist with almost two hundred thousand followers on Instagram, Sillvi has built a brand based around some of the most beloved and successful brands ever. For a while now, Sillvi’s bread and butter as an artist has been his ability to personify the spirits of brands in different markets. Fast food, car brands and sodas have seen some of their most successful companies reimagined as all new, anime-inspired characters that speak to the spirit of what they are and their aesthetic as brands and logos.

Illustrations of monster energy drink with Monster character

Something that’s fun about these brand related series that Sillvi has done is the differences between the spirits of each series. For the soft drinks/sodas and car companies that he crafted characters for, he took a much lighter approach. The characters fit common anime archetypes who might populate the main cast of an anime series. The fast food series, his most recent one, is a whole different ballgame. Here, Sillvi went much, much darker, reimagining the mascots of popular fast food chains like Wendy’s and McDonalds’s as horrific, murderous horror characters. The adorable little Wendy logo for Wendy’s is transformed into a shirt popping Harley-Quinn type while she extends her tongue to lick the edge of a butcher’s knife. Meanwhile, Ronald McDonald is turned into an alternate universe version of the Joker, trading his yellow jumpsuit for a yellow blazer and red tie while he smokes a cigarette with sinister intent in his eyes. In the end, Sillvi has something for everybody and subject matter that everyone knows. Join in the fun and see who your favorite brand is as a character!

Illustrations of pepsi brand soft drink  with female characters

Illustrations of coca-cola brand soft drinks soda with female characters

Japanese characters as popular soda brands

Illustrations sprite brands soft drinks female characters

McDonalds as a Japanese Anime Character

Arizona Tea as a Japanese Anime Character

KFC Drawing

Fast Food Panda Express as Anime