Kristel Sergo doodles seemingly mundane buildings, objects, and other scenery in a way that is quite interesting. She selects her main focus and draws it in detail, then allows the color and linework to taper off when it comes to the surrounding objects. For example, there will be a bold, brightly colored building with tight lines, but the cars on the street will be colorless, with loose, flowing lines. It creates a nice balance in her compositions, and draws the eye to what she wants you to see the most. As an on-the-go doodler, I appreciate how she doesn’t choose the most breath-taking location to draw, instead choosing something you’d actually see if you were walking through your own neighborhood: a construction site, some random buildings, her boyfriend sleeping (aw!). I really enjoy her color palettes as well because you can tell that those colors didn’t just come straight out of the tube. She’s documented a ton of other sketchbooks as well, this is just one of my favorites!

painting, city, doodle, lines

sleeping man doodle, colorful, blankets

color blocks, city sketch

sketching objects, color, bold, CD, camera, pencil case

urban sketching, silhouette, painting colors

truck, yellow paint, blue sky, street sketch

construction doodle, daily sketch, city drawing

construction drawing, yellow, claw machine

house doodle, doodle passing, suburban, street sketch