There’s a lot that can be said about art as a hobby or passion, whether it’s something that calms your mind, brings you joy, or allows you to feel accomplished – art plays a considerable, yet variable role in the lives of artists around the world. For a lot of us, art is a way to escape our everyday lives for a few moments, but what about artists who turn their art practice into their everyday life? Lucas Dutra is a Brazilian artist who has done just that, committed their daily life to their art practice, and for Lucas, that means drawing a skull every day. We only stumbled upon Lucas’ work a few weeks ago and we were already quite impressed with this endeavor, imagine our faces when we learned he’s been doing this since 2013!

One of the coolest things about this process is that Lucas himself is keeping track, each newsSkull posted to social media is accompanied by what number it is. At the time of writing, he’s at #2992. The skulls range from the image you might expect, to doodling a skull on a magazine cover, to a wood cube skull and so many things in between! Check out a few of our favorites below but also check out Lucas’ Instagram page here to see how this project has evolved over time.