If there is one thing that artists around the globe can agree on, it’s the unbeatable quality of a good old Moleskine sketchbook. Most of us have used one at some point, either because you’re a loyal customer or received one as a gift. And if you haven’t, there’s no better time than now to see what all the buzz is about, thanks to the release of Moleskine’s new Art Collection. Designed for people with a passion for doodling, drawing, and painting, the collection celebrates the creative process through an eclectic group of sketchpads and notebooks that has something for all artists to capture their stories, ideas, doodles, and inspirations onto a wide variety of papers to fit their specific needs.

Keep on scrolling for a more detailed breakdown of the collection, and why it’s a staple for any Doodle Addict!

Video of the Moleskine Art Collection

Sketching Albums

Sketchbook Collection for Artists, including coloring pencils

I’m always looking for a lightweight and portable sketchbook that I can casually carry around with me in my purse and bust out to doodle and draw at a moment’s notice. The Sketch Albums and Sketchbooks are perfect for sketching and drawing on the move because they come in both soft and hardcovers with a choice of horizontal and vertical styles. Made using top quality 165 g/m² sketch-grade paper, they support a variety of art tools, from pencils, pastels and fountain pens, to charcoal and markers. Look no further, because the ultimate everyday sketchbook has arrived!

Moleskine Sketchbook drawings by Sarah Wearer and Kimmo Oja, found on Doodle Addicts:

Moleskine Sketchbook drawing
Drawing spread on a Moleskine sketchbook

Japanese Albums

Japanese-style sketchbook with folding pages

Do you ever have an idea that’s simply TOO BIG for your typical sketchbook? No problem! The concertina style pages of the Japanese album give you the flexibility to stretch things out so you can create an ongoing series of drawings, sequential sketches or an individual piece of art that tells its own unique story. Inspired by the traditional Japanese emakimono scrolls, these albums are ideal for work created with dry media such as drawing pencils, pastels and charcoal, fountain pens and markers. The Moleskine Japanese Albums are available in both pocket and large sizes with either 60 folded pages for the former and 48 for the latter.

Check out what artists Harry Bell and Nikki D. May created in their Japanese Albums, found on Doodle Addicts!

Drawing on a foldable sketchbook
Doodles on a sketchbook spread

Watercolour Notebooks

Watercolor Moleskine Art Collection

Ah, yes. Watercolours. Not the type of thing that you can do right with just any old paper. We all know that the quality and overall look of your finished piece relies heavily on the proper paper selection. We also know that if you’re looking to keep it all nicely bound in one place like a typical sketchbook, your options are severly limited. Available in 4 different sizes, The Watercolour Notebook and Watercolour Album bring you the best of both worlds with cold-pressed cotton pages created to withstand strong and damp strokes on both sides as well as being resistant to multiple eraser use so painters can get lost in their colors and visions without fear of losing the spirit of their work.

Watercolored fountain pen drawing in a Moleskine sketchbook, uploaded by Junkyard Sam to Doodle Addicts:

Sketchbook spread

Storyboard Notebooks

The Storyboard notebook comes with 108 specially designed pages, with four frames per page. The ideal tool for screenwriters, cartoonists and graphic story writers, the hardcover notebook with rounded corners is enriched with a side elastic closure and the signature “in case of loss” label on the inner flyleaf. 

So, what are you waiting for? Discover your unlimited potential with Moleskine’s Art Collection of sketchbooks, watercolour pads, storyboard notebooks, concertina albums and more and delve into spaces created for pure creativity to flourish! Happy Doodling!