Every year I posted about an independent International Film Festival in the South of Italy (called La Guarimba) and its collection of insanely awesome, illustrated, promotional movie posters featuring its monkey of a mascot. And here I am again to highlight this year’s set of illustrations.

Curated by illustrator Sara Fratini, this year’s posters showcase incredible use of color, art, typography, layout, and design. As I say every year, I want to buy them all, frame them and hang them up at our studio. Get inspired and check out the posters below from artists like Sarah Clifford, Carolina Celas, Leonard Peng, Popy Matigot, Barbora Idesová, Caridibuja, and 24 other artists.

For a full list of artwork credit and images, visit the La Guarimba tumblr page and if you are looking to learn more about this project and its humble beginnings, I highly suggest watching the TEDx talk by Guilio Vita (one of the main founders), it will make you want to stop everything and pursue your dreams.

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