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Showcase #6

February Calendar Draw

February is a rebel. Not only is it the shortest month, it trips us up every 4 years. February is infamous as the season of chocolate hearts and spikes in sappy card sales. But, itís also national bird-feeding month, the age of Aquarius... and possibly the month that the DA calendar features your artwork!

We heart you February. Good luck!

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.


Submission Guidelines


  • Draw the entire calendar spread for February 2012, including artwork and the days of the week/dates.
  • Feel free to design the layout anyway you like, just be sure to include some kind of blocks for the days and keep the fold area free of any text.
  • Do it old school: use paint, a pen, marker, or colored pencil. NO vector art accepted.
  • Scan it and BE SURE to save the art at hi-resolution (300dpi minimum), in the case you win, we'll need it to print the final calendar.
  • Submit/Upload a JPG version of your artwork (no larger than 1mb) for voting.
  • Upload your best art, because you only get one submission.



The winner with the most votes will get their artwork featured on the February spread of DA's very first hand-drawn / illustrated calendar! You will receive full credit, praise, and adorationónot to mention two copies of the calendar that you may barter, gift, or hoard all for yourself. We won't judge.


And the winner is...

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All Submissions

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Uploaded by C M Carter
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Uploaded by Timothy J. Reynolds
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Uploaded by flupdiwup
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Uploaded by Martina Skender
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Uploaded by skudfisher
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Uploaded by Amy Windridge
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Uploaded by Ted
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Uploaded by elvia montemayor
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Uploaded by Ryo
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Uploaded by Amy Law
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Uploaded by Jenny
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Uploaded by Mazie-Olivia Bishop
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Uploaded by Ellie Ennay
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Uploaded by Beavory
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Uploaded by IChernLai
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Uploaded by Jennifer Spencer
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Uploaded by Richard Tingley
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Uploaded by Boris Melgarejo
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Uploaded by Beverly Ealdama
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Uploaded by Verna Grant
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Atlan Arceo-Witzl
Atlan Arceo-Witzl Posted Feb 10, 2011
seems pretty cool, lets try this

Ellie Ennay
Ellie Ennay Posted Feb 10, 2011
i dig it!! size wise.. 8.5 x 11? does it have to relate to the month?

Francine McGee
Francine McGee Posted Feb 11, 2011
I had the same question about size, until I remembered that most scanners are letter size, and we are supposed to keep it "vertical" which is the format of standard calendars.

As long we keep the fold line free of text and use a vertical format, they should be able to make it work.

Ellie Ennay
Ellie Ennay Posted Feb 11, 2011
yeah that's what i figured :)

okat Posted Feb 11, 2011
@Ellie: It does NOT have to be related to February in regards to drawing hearts and arrows, but it does need to have the word February somewhere in the submission and include the correct days/dates for February 2012.

@Francine: We ask that you bear with us as we finalize the exact specifications. We do know that it will be vertical. You should be safe if you make your drawing anywhere between 8.5x11" to 11x17"

Liv Lane
Liv Lane Posted Feb 11, 2011
Ok, sorry to bring up the size thing again...but does this mean that we'd do the top illustration on an 8.5x11 AND the bottom calendar dates on a second same-sized sheet? Or are we supposed to fold a letter-sized sheet in half? Thanks!

Ellie Ennay
Ellie Ennay Posted Feb 11, 2011
@Liv it sounds like you fold an 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 in half

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Feb 11, 2011
so excited for this project, dont even know where to start..

Krusty Posted Feb 11, 2011

Frank Orlando
Frank Orlando Posted Feb 11, 2011
Far ouit Febuary...Im arookie here, Im thinkin I am gonna give it a whirl!

Lindsay Ostrom
Lindsay Ostrom Posted Feb 12, 2011
NO VECTOR ART... well then count me in.... what size... my question too

okat Posted Feb 14, 2011
@Liv Lane: The final (total) illustration should be at a minimum of 8.5x11 inches. I know it's hard, but try and not get caught up so much in the FINAL specs. Just have fun and create something great. Participation is the key :)

okat Posted Feb 14, 2011
BTW: February has 29 days in 2012 :)

denny lesmana
denny lesmana Posted Feb 14, 2011
i dont understand bout the paper.

Audrey Dugas du Villard
Audrey Dugas du Villard Posted Feb 14, 2011
i'm so excited !! i can't wait to see all submission!!

belinda suzette
belinda suzette Posted Feb 15, 2011
what a fantastic challenge - drawing gloves ON!

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 16, 2011
wow! this is awesome!!! will join :D goodluck everybody :)

so 8.5X11 it is.. uhhh fold it vertically in half?

Jim Bradshaw
Jim Bradshaw Posted Feb 16, 2011

Breanna Hill
Breanna Hill Posted Feb 16, 2011
This sounds fun >< I wish I could doodle

Melissa McCallum
Melissa McCallum Posted Feb 17, 2011
At the risk of sounding like a perfectionist which I try to unsubscribe to, but to help out the non-direction readers who are confused about the paper... I think the size of the scanner bed dictates the size of your masterpiece, but I believe they are referring to original artwork done on an 8.5"X11" piece of paper folded in half hamburger style (making it 5.5"x8") open it up and use the whole page spread vertically (portrait layout) for your new fangled old school masterpiece. oui?

okat Posted Feb 17, 2011
@Melissa: Thanks for the effort to try and resolve the confusion.

@Everyone Else: OkayÖ Sorry for all the confusion. It's the just that we are still working with our print vendor to finalize the specs. My best answer for now is that it's truly only the winner that will have to deal with the final size, fold and spec.

For now, have fun and create your awesome calendar art in a portrait orientation (just be sure to save the original so we can scan it at the resolution we'll need). Good luck!

skudfisher Posted Feb 18, 2011
Mine is all done, just need to scan it and submit it later today! :)

Timothy J. Reynolds
Timothy J. Reynolds Posted Feb 19, 2011
any restrictions on using Ps to adjust our "old school" calendar?

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Feb 20, 2011
Looking forward to seeing everyone's submissions!

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 22, 2011
Just submitted mine. Good luck everybody :)

Beverly Ealdama
Beverly Ealdama Posted Feb 22, 2011
this is my first showcase submission! excited :D

skudfisher Posted Feb 22, 2011
Amazing stuff guys!

skudfisher Posted Feb 22, 2011
Anyone else having trouble voting?

Nicole Underwood
Nicole Underwood Posted Feb 22, 2011

Amy Law
Amy Law Posted Feb 22, 2011
Hey... I submitted mine but it's not there..

Chris Moores
Chris Moores Posted Feb 22, 2011
Lots of great submissions. Nice work by all.

rosa maria
rosa maria Posted Feb 22, 2011
juan Carlos Palacios RULEEEEEES!!!! ‹

skudfisher Posted Feb 22, 2011
When does the voting close?

Catherine Slaymaker
Catherine Slaymaker Posted Feb 22, 2011
How many votes do we get?

Catherine Slaymaker
Catherine Slaymaker Posted Feb 22, 2011
nvm :)

okat Posted Feb 22, 2011
@Skudfisher: Voting ends Monday, February 28th at 11am Eastern. Great submission by the way :)

@Slaymaker: You can fave as many as you'd like.

anabel bouza
anabel bouza Posted Feb 22, 2011
Being able to vote for more than one is a huge relief... They are all so great.

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 22, 2011
Whoa at all the submissions! XD

Aside from mine, here are my favorites >> Juan Carlos Palacios, Audrey Dugas du Villard, Richard Tingley, Jenny, Beavory, flupdiwup, and Ted :)

Martina Skender
Martina Skender Posted Feb 23, 2011

Beavory Posted Feb 23, 2011
Such a wonderful collection! I am honored to be apart of it!

IZTHAK Posted Feb 23, 2011

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 23, 2011
@okat, hey there! can I suggest on the next showcases to let DA users to put the title of their work and a short description about it :)

Ayn Yezzi
Ayn Yezzi Posted Feb 23, 2011
Wish I'd tried this is awesome and challenging and I am a dud for not participating.... well there are 10 months to work up my courage ????????

skudfisher Posted Feb 23, 2011
@Ayn Yezzi JUST DO IT! :)

Juan Carlos Palacios
Juan Carlos Palacios Posted Feb 23, 2011

Amy Rosenberg
Amy Rosenberg Posted Feb 23, 2011
These are spectacular! Just joined, so I missed the deadline. Looking forward to submitting for future showcases.

Daphne Posted Feb 23, 2011
kudos to everyone who participated. such great work-- i think i may have faved every one! :)

daniel coello
daniel coello Posted Feb 23, 2011

Larry M. Seals
Larry M. Seals Posted Feb 23, 2011
Good, ALL very good!

Esther J
Esther J Posted Feb 24, 2011
they are all beautiful

Hugo Posted Feb 24, 2011
These are amazing. The 2012 DA calendar is going to ROCK. I had a lot of faves -- I just couldn't help myself :D

justdraw Posted Feb 25, 2011
Good job you allow people to vote for more than one submission, they're all so good it was so hard to choose :)

Emma Kidd
Emma Kidd Posted Feb 25, 2011
I so want to have a go for March, I hope that this continues. Just ran out of time this one. I love the beaver too.

Amy Sharp
Amy Sharp Posted Feb 28, 2011
I have never seen a calendar doodled! These are great. :D

skudfisher Posted Feb 28, 2011
So close! What an amazingly fun contest! Congrats to the winner. I think we should all make our own full calendars now! This is too much fun :)

Juan Carlos Palacios
Juan Carlos Palacios Posted Feb 28, 2011
SO !! SO ! CLOSE thank you all VERY MUCH ! I want to do another one already!! :)

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Feb 28, 2011
Congratulations Juan Carlos Palacios so close to skudfisher's entry XD

Looking forward to the next showcase :)

Mendel Kahan
Mendel Kahan Posted Mar 5, 2011
It is very nice to see people that still draw so well and with great creativity. Congratulation.

Mr Sandman
Mr Sandman Posted Apr 8, 2011
I love the winner as much as the next doodler...but I just wish the dates after the 9th went with the correct day...

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted May 21, 2011
oh goodness. thanks to the commenter above me. i noticed Juan Carlos Palacio's arrangment of days is wrong. looks like skudfisher is the clear winner here.


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