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Showcase #8

April Calendar Draw

February's Calendar Draw was a doozy, but your chance to be featured in the first DA illustrated calendar is back again!

It's April's turn. You have tax day, 4:20, Earth day, even Buddha's birthday. Draw something witty, draw something beautiful, draw something foolish. We don't care. Just make it good and you might just be April's featured artist.

UPDATE: See the finished 2012 Hand-drawn calendar. Now available or pre-order.

Submissions are now open! Get to it.


Submission Guidelines


  • Draw the entire calendar spread for April 2012, including artwork and the days of the week/dates.
  • Feel free to design the layout anyway you like, just be sure to include some kind of blocks for the days and keep the fold area free of any text.
  • Do it old school: use paint, a pen, marker, or colored pencil. NO vector art accepted.
  • Scan it and BE SURE to save the art at hi-resolution (300dpi minimum), in the case you win, we'll need it to print the final calendar.
  • Submit/Upload a JPG version of your artwork (no larger than 1mb) for voting.
  • Upload your best art, because you only get one submission.



The winner with the most votes will get their artwork featured on the April spread of DA's very first hand-drawn / illustrated calendar! You will receive full credit, praise, and adoration—not to mention two copies of the calendar that you may barter, gift, or hoard all for yourself. We won't judge.


And the winner is...

Uploaded by Kaya H.
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84 Faves

All Submissions

Voting is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Uploaded by Saz Evers
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Uploaded by Boris Melgarejo
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9 Faves

Uploaded by Richael Carroll
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Uploaded by Timothy J. Reynolds
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Uploaded by Catherine Slaymaker
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Uploaded by Christina Hollensen
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Uploaded by flupdiwup
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Uploaded by skudfisher
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Uploaded by Hakan Tuzun Sengun
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Uploaded by Sharon Hinchliffe
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Uploaded by Amy Law
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Uploaded by Edward Nel
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Uploaded by Allison C
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Uploaded by C M Carter
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Uploaded by Ryo
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Uploaded by Gauri Panicker
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Uploaded by Asa Wikman
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Uploaded by Helena Coard
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Uploaded by Sophia Murray
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Uploaded by Richard Tingley
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Uploaded by Súa Agapé
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Uploaded by outsketch
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Juan Carlos Palacios
Juan Carlos Palacios Posted Mar 28, 2011

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Mar 29, 2011
mmmmm i like the 4 20 idea....

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Mar 30, 2011
will the voting be the same this time around

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Apr 1, 2011
Lols good thing I stopped by at the Showcase section XD Didn't know there was a new one :p

Kamolsky Posted Apr 2, 2011
what are the specs?

Marsha Baker
Marsha Baker Posted Apr 2, 2011
what are the dimensions? Total Height and width?

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Apr 4, 2011
excited to see everybody's work :)

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Apr 4, 2011
nearly done.... nearly time to upload....

Richael  Carroll
Richael Carroll Posted Apr 5, 2011
oh dear...i think i uploaded it too big...!!how do you size things down to 1mb...can i cancel my submission and re-submit?? Oh, panicking now :(

Hugo Posted Apr 5, 2011
We do not yet know the height and width of the final product which is why we are asking for submissions to be vertical. See the submission guidelines for an image of what we think it will end up looking like.

Hope that helps.

Hugo Posted Apr 5, 2011
@richael -- we did get the entry, but there was an issue with the artwork. I sent you an email with an explanation.

@steve -- yes the same voting process for this particular challenge.

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Apr 5, 2011
Such a fool i am, just submitted and then realised that i put the days of the week in the wrong order. IDIOT.

Oh well...

Súa Agapé
Súa Agapé Posted Apr 5, 2011
I can't wait to see the crazy doodles! :)

Hugo Posted Apr 5, 2011
Tomorrow is going to be fun indeed! :)

manal mohammed aldossary
manal mohammed aldossary Posted Apr 5, 2011
12 hours left ...can't stop thinking about it

Sam Mallicoat
Sam Mallicoat Posted Apr 6, 2011
Look at that set of 124 Prismacolors.......which to pick up first!

Edward Nel
Edward Nel Posted Apr 6, 2011
Wow that was really fun to do... bring on the voting!

Gauri Panicker
Gauri Panicker Posted Apr 6, 2011
It was so much fun in doing this...loved it..cant wait to see the postings...

Richard Tingley
Richard Tingley Posted Apr 6, 2011
Mines all uploaded.
Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing the entries.

skudfisher Posted Apr 6, 2011
Phew! Got it in just in time! Good luck to everyone!

Steve Evans
Steve Evans Posted Apr 6, 2011
aaaaaaaaaargh i missed the deadline, this sucks!

skudfisher Posted Apr 6, 2011
Wow, awesome stuff guys! Love it :)

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Apr 6, 2011
Some really good ones here, gonna stick the kettle on and then throw some votes about :]

Nicole Underwood
Nicole Underwood Posted Apr 6, 2011
awesome stuff this round!

Beverly Ealdama
Beverly Ealdama Posted Apr 6, 2011
these are great!!!

jane o sullivan
jane o sullivan Posted Apr 6, 2011
wow ! good luck everyone :)

Denn Rodriguez
Denn Rodriguez Posted Apr 6, 2011
These are great!!! Good luck to all!

J-our Runio
J-our Runio Posted Apr 7, 2011

Vinay badi
Vinay badi Posted Apr 7, 2011

Isobel Knight
Isobel Knight Posted Apr 7, 2011
I love this! How could I have only just found the beauty of a calendar?

Jhazzmyn Posted Apr 7, 2011
@skudfisher...hmmm, looks familiar ; )

anabel bouza
anabel bouza Posted Apr 7, 2011
Beautiful stuff, you guys! :)

Puja Vanarse
Puja Vanarse Posted Apr 8, 2011
@ gauri panicker. its so nice! good imagination and good work.


Daphne Posted Apr 8, 2011
Cheers to all who submitted. What talent!

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
GOD! sooo many great drawings so hard to choose. i soo would have done one but missed the deadline and im not to good of a drawer, but theres always may... :)

MIYA CHANG Posted Apr 10, 2011
I want it~~~ Kaya H. ~~~ it's so beautiful~~~

LIN P.Y Posted Apr 11, 2011
Kaya.H's work is really awesome!!! i like it~~~~

ARTCHEMICAL Posted Apr 11, 2011
Nice work! Started one myself and then missed the deadline. Next time... I like so many of them I am glad we can vote for as many as we want, but the one that struck me the most was posted by outsketch. beautiful.

Melvin Noguera
Melvin Noguera Posted Apr 11, 2011
The work of Súa

Melvin Noguera
Melvin Noguera Posted Apr 11, 2011
The work of Súa is so lovely! ;)

Roberto Pineda
Roberto Pineda Posted Apr 11, 2011
i love the Súa´s one!!!!!!

Edgar Estrada
Edgar Estrada Posted Apr 13, 2011
Súa is my favorite!

Fer Moralix
Fer Moralix Posted Apr 13, 2011
Is it a tie? Can't we have two Aprils or something?

I loved them all :)

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Apr 14, 2011
oh it's a tie. we'll leave the decisions to DoodlersAnonymous :)

anyway, thanks to the members who voted for my entry :)

Kaya H.
Kaya H. Posted Apr 14, 2011
Thanks everyone!

Súa Agapé
Súa Agapé Posted Apr 19, 2011
Thank you everyone for your votes and comments. :)


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