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March 27, 2012

Stereographic Animated GIFs

This has been passed around the internet and deservedly so. Dain Fagerholm is taking static pen and marker drawings and making them twitch and wiggle to our delight. His characters seem to lift off the page in pseudo 3D. I honestly can't stop looking at them, someone please knock me out of this trance.

Found via Drawn.


Sam LaValley
Sam LaValley Posted Mar 27, 2012
OH MY GOODNESS. These are fantastic. I personally love the one with the two little furry dudes sitting by the tree :3

Stephanie Anne Flis
Stephanie Anne Flis Posted Mar 27, 2012
so awesome

Hugo Posted Mar 27, 2012
@Magic Purple Cat

Yeah that one seems the most 3D of them all. Very cool. I wonder how he goes it.

Krysthopher Woods
Krysthopher Woods Posted Mar 27, 2012

Emma Tram
Emma Tram Posted Mar 27, 2012
This is absolutely awesome! I am hypnotized

Anthony Ikeda Kolar
Anthony Ikeda Kolar Posted Mar 27, 2012
how do you do that? i have tried the red and blue stereoscopic stuff but this is awesome cuz it seems that most of it is done by hand. But what do you need to do with it on the computer-- is it some simple manipulation brush or something?

angelina ioannides-beer
angelina ioannides-beer Posted Mar 27, 2012
I wish i could look at this foreverandeverandeverandeverandeverandeverandever

Tzod Earf
Tzod Earf Posted Mar 27, 2012

Krusty Posted Mar 27, 2012

LGB Posted Mar 28, 2012
wow, so funny, amazing, innovative

Boris Melgarejo
Boris Melgarejo Posted Mar 29, 2012
wahahaha this is so cooooooooooooooooolll!!!!!!! :D

Larry M. Seals
Larry M. Seals Posted Mar 29, 2012

Alan B.
Alan B. Posted Mar 29, 2012

Donald R. Davis
Donald R. Davis Posted Mar 29, 2012
The sky seen through the little square window should not jump around. The things in the furthest backround should appear most immobile. Otherwise, very cool effect, I like to try it on some of my own stuff one day.

Muxxi Posted Mar 30, 2012

Jim Bradshaw
Jim Bradshaw Posted Mar 30, 2012
How do people figure this stuff out? I love these!

Kerby Rosanes
Kerby Rosanes Posted Mar 31, 2012
Awesome! How can that be possible? Cool!

Lily Lee
Lily Lee Posted Mar 31, 2012
love spells

Lily Lee
Lily Lee Posted Mar 31, 2012

Flameheart Posted Apr 1, 2012


chay reece
chay reece Posted Apr 1, 2012
so amazing. need to find out how to make these. epic!

deb jacobs
deb jacobs Posted Apr 2, 2012
how can i copy this and still have it move? i wanted to put it on my blog.

Chloe Posted Apr 4, 2012
Funny and ingenious :)

Hannah Bassett
Hannah Bassett Posted Apr 19, 2012
This is SO COOL

Cheek fille
Cheek fille Posted May 23, 2012
Wooooow I stayed stuck for nearly a whole hour : I am under voodoo !

Lainey Lainer
Lainey Lainer Posted Dec 6, 2012
Wow. Beautiful art that moves too.

Maede Jenab
Maede Jenab Posted Jan 18, 2013
awesome..... I love gif animation... I did some before..... but I couldn't found your trick..... they are amazing.....

Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt
Duncan Geoffrey Hewitt Posted Feb 22, 2013
love the way all the cool pictures wobble

aaround & aaround
aaround & aaround Posted Aug 15, 2013
this is amazing... timeless, great hyptonic depth

rebeccafrank Posted Dec 12, 2014
Awesome Stereographic animated images!! Love them!! They are even scary too!!rn

rebeccafrank Posted Dec 12, 2014
Awesome Stereographic animated images!! Love them!! They are even scary too!!rn:


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