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October 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY: Maria Gil Ulldemolins Tote Bags

Let's face it. We at DA are major suckers for hair drawings, simply because of the nature of them; the intricate and delicate line work that takes up so much patience and time. And of course, because they look amazing. Maria Gil Ulldemolins creates these kinds of drawings and we absolutely love them. And what's even better is that Maria's offered to give away two of her tote bags with these beautiful illustrations on them.

Just leave a comment to be in the running. You have until Friday (October 22nd @ 3pm EST) and we'll randomly pick TWO lucky winners. Good luck!

105 comments and 2 names randomly drawn. Congrats to Jenni Sparks and La Cuenta Cuentos and of course thank you all for participating. For those of you interested in the beautiful work of Maria Gil Ulldemolins, you can always visit her Etsy shop to get your hands on her goodies.


okat Posted Oct 19, 2010
Maria! Thanks so much for bringing this to our readers. Much luck to everyone.

Sonja Skorka
Sonja Skorka Posted Oct 19, 2010

C Wilson
C Wilson Posted Oct 19, 2010
tote is gorgeous bags!
wish I could plait my hair like that

in arsenic
in arsenic Posted Oct 19, 2010
amazing totes^^

Tori Dickson
Tori Dickson Posted Oct 19, 2010
love love love

matt jones
matt jones Posted Oct 19, 2010
my g/f would love one of these bags.

Martin Petersen
Martin Petersen Posted Oct 19, 2010
in love with her illustrations and with tote bags <3

Krystal B
Krystal B Posted Oct 19, 2010
Really cool! I should get some of my art put on bags to sell, good idea!

Becky White
Becky White Posted Oct 19, 2010
What I love the most is the texture. Not only the texture of the hair, but the texture of the clothing at the base of the neck. Amazing work!

cody schibi
cody schibi Posted Oct 19, 2010
Maria! Maria!

Lori Wallace
Lori Wallace Posted Oct 19, 2010

rike Posted Oct 19, 2010
oh what a great tote. since i wear my hair really short i dream of a bun ...


Majane Silveira
Majane Silveira Posted Oct 19, 2010
So nice! :)

John Malta
John Malta Posted Oct 19, 2010
It would be so wonderful to receive this tote bag in the mail- my fav tote bag (that has a bright blue drawing of a swamp linx on it) recently broke. Leaving me a poor bagless fool!

Virginia Posted Oct 19, 2010
Omg these are beautiful....

Clara Charlotte Roethe
Clara Charlotte Roethe Posted Oct 19, 2010
oh, wow. Well done, Maria! I especially like the soft curly one - great work! please count me in

Rose Hudson
Rose Hudson Posted Oct 19, 2010
beautiful, Id love to get my mits on one of these!

Maite Murillo galimany
Maite Murillo galimany Posted Oct 19, 2010
So cute, Maria!!! Great idea!! All of them look lovely!!(petonets desde Valls!)

joana uve
joana uve Posted Oct 19, 2010
aj aj aj, this is beauuuutiful!

Kamolsky Posted Oct 19, 2010
these look soooo pretty!!!!

Simon Vanderveen
Simon Vanderveen Posted Oct 19, 2010
Pretty. I'd love to give one to my sister.

jessica olsen
jessica olsen Posted Oct 19, 2010
I love her work! I had no idea it was now on tote bags. I want them all! Thank you for posting..

C M Carter
C M Carter Posted Oct 19, 2010

Lori Alrawi
Lori Alrawi Posted Oct 19, 2010
Lovely designs...

Tegan Stuber
Tegan Stuber Posted Oct 19, 2010
wow i love the 2nd one it's amazing!

katie flynn
katie flynn Posted Oct 19, 2010
stunning. keeping my fingers crossed i will be ever so lucky to get one. keep up the good work. :)

lindsay meisel
lindsay meisel Posted Oct 19, 2010
ooh i want one. but then i'll feel bad when my tote bag has cooler hair than i do.

susan manocchio
susan manocchio Posted Oct 19, 2010
elegant hairstyles to tote

Nicolle Marshallsay
Nicolle Marshallsay Posted Oct 19, 2010
Beautifully elegant and complex without appearing so! I would adore to own my own tote, good luck everyone. :)

Julia Posted Oct 19, 2010
these are neat!!!

Jim Kaufmann
Jim Kaufmann Posted Oct 19, 2010
That's the kind of work that could cause a debilitating hair fetish. It's super busy and elegant all at once.

Felicity Lingle
Felicity Lingle Posted Oct 19, 2010
Hair illustrations always impress me!!

Chrissy Poitras
Chrissy Poitras Posted Oct 19, 2010
These totes are great! Maybe I can learn some new up do ideas from these :)

Cassandra Langley
Cassandra Langley Posted Oct 19, 2010
Wow these are so cool!

Joyce Yow
Joyce Yow Posted Oct 19, 2010
Dream bun~ :D Lovely~

Jayme Art
Jayme Art Posted Oct 19, 2010
♥ great designs!

steph delgado
steph delgado Posted Oct 19, 2010
I want one!

Betsy Rathburn
Betsy Rathburn Posted Oct 19, 2010
I love love love drawn hair as well, especially braids! :)

Kisan Bhat
Kisan Bhat Posted Oct 19, 2010
Wow. They look so beautiful!
Interwoven braids look so intricate.

Emily Bonani
Emily Bonani Posted Oct 19, 2010
The hairstyles are just lovely

Ay Natanagara
Ay Natanagara Posted Oct 19, 2010
I'm feeling lucky.

Erin Miller
Erin Miller Posted Oct 20, 2010
THIS IS FANTASTIC. I wish my hair was as beautiful as this, but it's about 3 inches in length.

Andrew Maruska
Andrew Maruska Posted Oct 20, 2010

Olga Rangel
Olga Rangel Posted Oct 20, 2010
How exciting. Hair is exciting. This is exciting. The back of the neck is exciting. Exciting!

Ellie Ennay
Ellie Ennay Posted Oct 20, 2010
good luck everyone!

gillian toothill
gillian toothill Posted Oct 20, 2010
count me in!

Christopher Rowland
Christopher Rowland Posted Oct 20, 2010
hey, lovely designs. just curious if maria is reading this, how she went about getting them printed and made? do you have all the screen printing stuff yourself or did you source a merch place?

Monday J.
Monday J. Posted Oct 20, 2010
i adore these, the linework is amazing! great job!

lili scratchy
lili scratchy Posted Oct 20, 2010
I love her work...

edina nasseri
edina nasseri Posted Oct 20, 2010
me me me :)

Jolaina Nasseri
Jolaina Nasseri Posted Oct 20, 2010
awesome illustration! great for quick morning diy!

Beth Hutchison
Beth Hutchison Posted Oct 20, 2010
Yes, count me in, these are gorgeous. My boyfriend's just cut off his waistlength hair. I am in need of a substitute while I get over the loss....!

emereauldine eliseo
emereauldine eliseo Posted Oct 20, 2010
wow, makes wanna doodle on my own totes!

Svenja B.
Svenja B. Posted Oct 20, 2010
Wow. Beautiful!

emereauldine eliseo
emereauldine eliseo Posted Oct 20, 2010
*makes me :)

Jenny Posted Oct 20, 2010
thanks to maria ♥

Jillian Posted Oct 20, 2010
absolutely beautiful.

Fern Martin
Fern Martin Posted Oct 20, 2010
I love these illustrations, thanks for this giveaway!

Woodge Posted Oct 20, 2010
The pictured one is my favorite. Very cool.

Kristen Soller
Kristen Soller Posted Oct 20, 2010
Wonderful drawings. I love how intricate they are!

Jess Tice
Jess Tice Posted Oct 20, 2010
these are really fantastic drawings! i love that you get a feel for the person just from their hair.

Edyta Kotowicz
Edyta Kotowicz Posted Oct 20, 2010
Loving all drawings and stories!!!

Laura Williamson
Laura Williamson Posted Oct 20, 2010
beautiful hair, I wish my hair was line work like this. :)

La cuenta cuentos
La cuenta cuentos Posted Oct 20, 2010

Paige Simpson
Paige Simpson Posted Oct 20, 2010
beautiful, skilled and patient line work.

Eilish  Owens
Eilish Owens Posted Oct 20, 2010
Oooh nice! atleast if im having a bad hair day i could wear this about! :D

Rachel Taliaferro
Rachel Taliaferro Posted Oct 20, 2010
OOOoooh, me me me! WANT!

flupdiwup Posted Oct 20, 2010
these are so pretty! what a nice idea. :)

nine nine
nine nine Posted Oct 20, 2010
THIS MUST BE FATE!lol.No really, I've been caught up with this kind of drawing style for quite some time now. It relaxes my mind and at the same time it makes me focus on a lot of different things. I think It's a perfect fit for drawing hair. (P.S. Maria, We should do a collab..haha!XD)

DAndhra Bascomb
DAndhra Bascomb Posted Oct 20, 2010
WANT IT! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Ohh I hope I'm chosen!

Christian Liu
Christian Liu Posted Oct 20, 2010
Very cool!

Stirpel Gonzales
Stirpel Gonzales Posted Oct 20, 2010
Nice, I'd love to pose at the supermarket with one of theese :-)

Mazie-Olivia Bishop
Mazie-Olivia Bishop Posted Oct 20, 2010
I wish my hair looked this perfect on a cute canvas bag!

Ivy Zenna LaBrant
Ivy Zenna LaBrant Posted Oct 20, 2010
Amazing, quintessential femme. This would be fun to have.

p h
p h Posted Oct 20, 2010
OH MY YES. i have loved her work for such a long time oh my goodness i love this website. :3

Andreea Posted Oct 20, 2010
♥ & want!!

Allison Posted Oct 20, 2010
if i could get my hair to look like be set for life! soo pretty!

Joanne Morgan
Joanne Morgan Posted Oct 20, 2010
If I cannot have beautiful hair on my head, I may as well have it on a bag!

emily grace
emily grace Posted Oct 20, 2010
beautiful work, the intricate detail is lovely. this post inspired me to become a member of DA! very excited to get started.... x

Le Diamant Noir
Le Diamant Noir Posted Oct 20, 2010
bello cabello!!!, QUIERO QUIERO QUIERO!!

Dina Roisman
Dina Roisman Posted Oct 20, 2010
Nice! I want one here in Bs As!

Larry M. Seals
Larry M. Seals Posted Oct 20, 2010
You must have seen my wife...this looks JUST LIKE HER!

Addison James Eaton
Addison James Eaton Posted Oct 21, 2010

bree Posted Oct 21, 2010
lalalalalove this.
they are all simply beautiful :-)

Milos Posted Oct 21, 2010
really like it

Laurianne Posted Oct 21, 2010
like like like like like like love love love love!!!

Lisa Bruch
Lisa Bruch Posted Oct 21, 2010

Jenni Sparks
Jenni Sparks Posted Oct 21, 2010
Drawing hair is one of the best activities ever.

Laura Ruggles
Laura Ruggles Posted Oct 21, 2010
Wonderful use of line! Will use these examples with my classes!

Guada Thessa Ligaya
Guada Thessa Ligaya Posted Oct 21, 2010
*crossing my fingers and toes* :D

Melissa Weigel
Melissa Weigel Posted Oct 21, 2010
Oh yay! These are awesome!

teresita cruz
teresita cruz Posted Oct 21, 2010
I love the bags. If i tried that with my hair the pencil would get lost. the curse of curls

Maria Camargo
Maria Camargo Posted Oct 21, 2010
Oh,so amazing !
This is my first post,and I hope to win this bag !

Connie Posted Oct 21, 2010
nice! I will wear it on my head.

Shannon Wee
Shannon Wee Posted Oct 21, 2010
I'm obsessed with tote bags and this one just captured my heart! Pick me pick me. :)

Shannon F.
Shannon F. Posted Oct 21, 2010

D Martinez
D Martinez Posted Oct 21, 2010
This is just amazingly beautiful! I hope i get one!! Just love it!

carolroque Posted Oct 21, 2010
these are super lovely!! I hope I win one :) i love art totebags.

Erica Mao
Erica Mao Posted Oct 22, 2010
please pick me! these tote bags are amazing :)

marta czaja
marta czaja Posted Oct 22, 2010
i would do art supplies shopping with them ... :)
great size

keri Posted Oct 22, 2010

fresh nancy
fresh nancy Posted Oct 22, 2010
i luuuvs this bag. it may be the only place outside of a wig shop wear i can wear some sweet hair that's not mine!

Tegan Stuber
Tegan Stuber Posted Oct 22, 2010
please pick me!

ZELIG Posted Oct 23, 2010

Heather Haukoos
Heather Haukoos Posted Oct 24, 2010
Pleeeease. Tote me.

okat Posted Oct 26, 2010
So many comments. Wow. Congrats to Jenni Sparks and La Cuenta Cuentos, I'm definite you both will love the tote!

La cuenta cuentos
La cuenta cuentos Posted Oct 27, 2010
Oh yes I will!! I'm going to take it everywhere!! :) THANK YOU MARIA!! This is awesome.

La cuenta cuentos
La cuenta cuentos Posted Oct 27, 2010
Oh yes I will!! I'm going to take it everywhere!! :) THANK YOU MARIA!! This is awesome.


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