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August 24, 2009

5 more minutes...

Procrastination is something that I suffer from and I imagine lots of other creatives too. In fact I can relate to every single example in the video above, like just yesterday I fell victim to, "...spending 30 minutes looking for the right pen... then spending ten minutes getting the right pen to work..." (as seen at the 45 second mark).

Johnny Kelly wrote, animated and directed this video (above) in 2007. It leaps from doodles to stop-motion in such a captivating way that you just have to see it for yourself, right now, or in five minutes, eh, why not just watch it tomorrow. And, if you prefer better quality than YouTube, watch it here

Found via talented and missed friend @typeoh.


Jamie Tao
Jamie Tao Posted Aug 24, 2009
"Procrastination is thesaurasizing words in your emails."
So I'm not the only one? I love this post.

Karena Posted Aug 25, 2009
I'm currently procrastinating by reading this blog AND making a cup of tea.

So very very true & what fab animation. Love it.

Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie Posted Aug 25, 2009
haha jamie - you're not the only one! me too.

Lucy Carpenter
Lucy Carpenter Posted Aug 25, 2009
I loved this video in all its truth.
Although for me, there are few I would add:

Procrastination is deciding that it must be time to eat something.
Procrastination is changing the desktop image of your computer.
Procrastination is following people around the house asking "what are you doing?".

David Delahunty
David Delahunty Posted Aug 25, 2009
That was the most creative animation I have seen in a good good long time.

Boom Posted Aug 25, 2009
I love it!

Procrastination is sharpening all the existing pencils and crayons in the house.

Procrastination is going through my phone contacts for no specific reason.

Procrastination is rearranging the filing system on my computer.

Emma Kidd
Emma Kidd Posted Aug 25, 2009
washing the dishes... making a cup of tea... and cleaning the desk, yep! There were so many things in there I do. Love it. Right now procrastinating if I should get out of bed...

Crystal Lyon
Crystal Lyon Posted Aug 27, 2009
. . . i make alot of tea. the last bit i related to the most, about over complicating things. . . . i am going to make a cup of tea.

corklizard Posted Aug 28, 2009
procrastination is putting up shelves in your workspace to make it more efficient. then spending an hours tightening the bolts on the shelves. then putting things on the shelves. then deciding to change them around...

your video was so wonderful and creative so not made by procrastination!

Alan Scott
Alan Scott Posted Aug 29, 2009
I've avoided cups of tea as procrastination - I just make sure I have one by me constantly all day every day while I work. It works better than the beer did.

Francesca Marshal
Francesca Marshal Posted Apr 14, 2010
This is what i am doing right now by being on doodlers anonymous and not doing my uni work, love it : )

Josh Austin
Josh Austin Posted Oct 13, 2010
Writing a to do list...buying a pin board to stick it to...buying some pins! Generally accomplishing planning my plans!

Laura Chowanski
Laura Chowanski Posted Apr 10, 2014
I also re-arrange my closets... completely me! love it!

Nabashis Dev Misra
Nabashis Dev Misra Posted Nov 24, 2015
Loved it !!


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