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Hello, my name is andre gribble, and I am a doodle addict.

Draw Your Line Showcase
Showcase #2
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March's Guest Contributor:Vincent Griffin
Dear Katie
The Drawings of Speak Cryptic

A Drawn Prayer
In the Warm Shadow of Nature
The Wonderful World of Amelie Labarthe
The Ultimate Warrior

Abstract Thoughts
Strange Dreams
Creatures from the Ground
Heavy Color

Free and Cool, volume 5
This is Me
Freedom of Mind
Lovely Lines

Feeding the Forest Ghost
June's Guest Contributor: Sretan Bor
Character Builder
Gone Forever

Just Do Do Do.
A Far Away Place
Walls, Bags and Everything Else
Tell the Truth

Color Here and There
Sunday Grins! with Gemma Correll
Living Life Like Good Homosapiens
The Doodle Vending Machine

Streak and Stroke
Member Spotlight: Muxxi
Zines / A Labour of Love
Imaginary Friend

It's Like Candy
Cut It Out
Soul Sister
Fill It Up

I Don't Know
A Doodler's Doodler
Life As I Go
A Dream of Beauty and Balance

Life Pushes Through the Cracks
Spontaneous Combustion
Something Will Happen

Artworks on Book Pages
DA Coloring Book, Vol. 1
The Effects of Too Much Television and Coffee

Look, then Read
Silav - Rick Baker
Open Call / DA Coloring Book

Learn Something Every Day
Maybe Four By Six
High or Low
Not Much Talk

Secret Cavern
So Many Lines
This Too Helps
Image + Text + Humor

Novemberís Guest Contributor: uberkraaft
Martin Haake
Octoberís Guest Contributor: Will Bryant

Sonmi Doodles!
Eric Ellis Makes Draws Too
Little Black Books
That's How She Sees Things

Hand Lettering Magician
Robot Hands?
You Were Better When You Used Porno Graphic Images in Your Artwork
Doodled Stickers on Escalator

Reinventing the Old
This Charming Oaf
My Name is OPPY and...
Make It A Go

Expanding Your Limits
Maxwell Longname

Just a Splash of Color
Giveaway: Christine Young Screenprints
Kristina Collantes Drawing
Pens, Markers, and Gouache

A World of Long-Legged Characters
Pencil Pushers
A Zine from One Sheet of Paper
Magazine Doodles

An Innate Flair
Pretty Much, Pretty Awesome!
Featured: Ted McGrath

Its A Doodle Really
Yeah Yeah, Lazy Bum
Sketchy Perv
Paper to Street

Mikey's Sketchbook
Giveaway: Odds + Ends, Pt.1
Zines, Zines, Zines

Start to Draw Your Life

Recent Comments
Wow! Such great entries. I'm thrilled to have been one of the finalists.
Congratulations Richard, awesome design!

Awesome! I'm doing something similar with a novel. I started reading it, but then I realized how badly it sucked and I thought 'this book needs a better use'. I'll be happy if it ends up looking half as good as Thomas' gluebooks.

Cool! I want one!
Ok, I have this weird thing, I sometimes imagine a length of rope ripping in two, but I can't quite get my mind to visualize two separated pieces of rope, there's always this tiny thread holding the pieces together. And when I mentally rip this thread there's always another one inside, even thinner, that remains holding the rope together. It. drives. me. crazy.

Yeah, me too, the cover is one of the main factors when choosing a book.

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