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Hello, my name is David Lasnier, and I am a doodle addict.

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I'm not very sure about this, it feels like cheat to me. Let me explain, this is a photoshop work, this could be awesome enough, but I think it's meant to make you believe the artist makes drawing from life, on a piece of paper and then puts it in front of the cam.

My guess is that the artist takes a picture, outlines it, then adds the hand holding the paper, and voila.

Again, photoshop artists are not less interesting than drawers, but I think this puts people in awe because they believe the subtext that is "I draw something I see and then take a picture of the drawing in context".

What do you think?

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French artist living and working in Marseille-France. I've been drawing for 15 years on A4 paper with a thin black pen, this means thousands of doodles. It's like improvisation, I don't think, I draw a line, looks like something, I follow the idea, eventually it makes something interesting…

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