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Hello, my name is Don Low,
and I am a doodle addict.

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I used to be very afraid of sketchbooks because some of them cost a bomb. I used to try completing every sketch I made, if not, I would be very frustrated that I have wasted another precious piece of paper. Sometimes I would tear that page off the book.

Anyway I told myself not to be afraid of the white pages anymore and just have fun. So the three words to describe my sketchbook would be:

Just For Fun!!

I will promise to keep to my words.

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Doodlers Anonymous
I loved sketching and doodling since when I was a little boy, until someone told me to do something useful with my life. I picked it up again during my graduate school when my professor told everyone to keep a sketchbook that we needed to fill in 6 pages every week. I never stop. Sometimes I told myself to finish one sketch book in a week or two, which I have never managed to do. Maybe I should now!!

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