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Hello, my name is Taylor Restivo, and I am a doodle addict.

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Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?

Recent Comments
Wishing my coffee had a portrait on it now lol

Crazy Cool! I have to get one for my nephew and maybe an extra for myself lol

The hairy monster on the computer kills me! lol

The one that covers the entire 2 pages is the coolest thing ever!!!! Amazing really

This reminds me of the Acid tests the government preformed. Check out the 9 drawings

I love to see the progress of an artists work, Its makes the final product that much more impressive. This artist is truly skilled!!

She just got a new instigram follower

Nice stuff, especially love the very first picture!

These are great Nicolas Cage, Burt Rennolds?, Donald Trump, Morgan freeman, Alec Baldwin, and not sure about the last one?

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I love being a member of DA, best blog ever

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