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Hello, my name is Julie Martinez, and I am a doodle addict.

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Human Faces For Days
The Future of Teaser Trailers?
She Doesn't Even Go Here!

Drawn Intermission
In Transit
Instagram Likes, Pt. 5
100 Houses for Shelter

Hey Doodlers! Doodle for Blik
Mr (not so) Frivolous
I Love Hate Mail
Member Spotlight: Rik Catlow

My Favourite Zine Purchase
Climbing Hand-Drawn Mountains
Collaboration Made Easy

Sketchbook Envy
Takeout Cats with Cheese & Pickles
A Different Way to Doodle
That Certain Kind Of Stink-Face

The Coolest Place I've Never Been
September's Guest Contributor:Lee Crutchley
The Vanilla Soft-Serve Of Doodling

Member Spotlight: Abel Macias
Sur Alert!
A Slice of Life
Sketching with Found Leaves

Sunday Grins!
Drugs Influence on Art
Sunday Grins! The Ultimate Hotel Room
Winding and Weaving

Seas of Graphite
One Dollar Hotdog
Can Someone Please Translate This For Me?
Lucha Libre Masks

A Drawing a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Sunday Grins! Coffee Cupsof the Future
Girlie Pains
Unexpected Sketchbooks Of An Architect

Not Your Average Textbook Situation
Sunday Grins! A New Public Holiday
Strange Dreams
Take a Hike to Pencil Mountain

Loose Narrative
Kelly Lasserre
Sunday Grins! with Gemma Correll
August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey

Tell the Truth
Heart Music Video Backdrop
Walls, Bags and Everything Else
Color Here and There

Sticky Notes
Collaboration At Its Best
Belly by Julia Pott

My Really Loud Sweater Collection
Doodle Wit
Chalking it Up
Fax Ex-Machina

In the Thick of It
Yeah Yeah, Lazy Bum
Instagram Likes, Pt. 4
Sexy Hamburger

Featured: Slow Loris
The Need for Something Else
One More Time, for the Cheap Seatsin the Back
I See People in the Crowd

Skinny Dipping
Novemberís Guest Contributor: uberkraaft
Heavy Color
Giveaway: 1000 Days of Drawing

Chronic Bitchface and Other Such Things!
The Drawings of Speak Cryptic
Member Spotlight: Luis Campos

Paint the Town
Big in Japan
Member Spotlight: Alex Eben Meyer
It Bleeds

Anorak Publishes the Winning Drawings
Make It Personal
Making the Grade
Do You Have Protection?

Questionable Characters
Something Glorious Is About To Happen
Devil in the Details
Septemberís Guest Contributor: Monsieur Cabinet

Lead Ain't Dead
Drawn to Sketchy Characters
Member Spotlight: Alice Savage
A Far Away Place

You Are What You Draw
It's The Small Things, Right?
Subway Life
Do Not Bend

Digital Doodles
A Case for Snail Mail
A Wrinkle in Time
Barack Obama is a Doodle Head

Presidential Doodles Book
Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders
Member Spotlight: Jim Kaufmann

Magazine Doodles
12 Drawings A Day
From Ear to Ear
I Don't Know

The DA 350
Urban Sketchers
Restless Things

Fill It Up
Paper to Street
Moleskine Playground
Bleeding Knees Can Be Fancy

Wild Sketchbooks
Texture Virus
Life Is Really Funny Sometimes
When A Doodler Feels Lost

Release Me
There's a Forklift in My Pencil Case
Magic Mushrooms
How to be Instagram Popular

Keep Feeling Fascination
The Most Versatile Woman To Ever Live
From Sketches to Carved Coins
The Doodle Flix King

Caffeinated Constellations
All You Gotta Do Is Repeat After Me
All The Pretty Ladies
Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?

The Biggest Doodle I've Ever Seen!
Take Me With You
This is My Kind of Buried Treasure
MeloDRAWmatic, I Love You

Jump for it, you pipsqueak!

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i obsess over shoes that cost way too much!

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