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Hello, my name is Art Robinson, and I am a doodle addict.

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I like this, very interesting and unusual way of creating art or doodles if you prefer ;)

Nice work, hand drawn typography is something or a rarity with all the technology about.

Dam got all excited and now see that the post is old. Also you need to drop the spam post above ;)

Wow, such a wealth of creativity, nice post.

Very interesting post, check out my art at

Nice post just downloaded your zine, very cool work. I must get my art work on here soon.

Art Robinson paintings

Very nice art work ;)

Nice, little bit of crazy porno in the last one lols

Love the work, never thought of painting a bin ;)

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Art Robinson, delivering stunning original paintings in many mediums including ink, acrylic, canvas, pastel and more..

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