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Hello, my name is C.P. Baker,
and I am a doodle addict.

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So lemme get this straight... our pic has gotta " one-color (BLACK)..."??? For a coloring book? Oh hell I'm confused.

Have mercy on a DA Rookie, can someone shed some light on this seemingly monotone subject?

Gotcha Katlego, thanks for clarifying, I'll get the creative wheels turning!!!

Great work but it's incomplete...lacking... missing something... I didn't see a dirty ol' Jeep Wrangler ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

currently oBsessed with the letter B, allman brothers staion on pandora radio, closed position mandolin scales, black jack, copenhagen wintergreen, softball, budweiser in cans with salt on top o'the can, all things Jeep, tire swings, ping pong, Spooner my dog/oldest daughter, cincinnati reds baseball, and art by jeral tidwell.

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