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Hello, my name is Laura Alice Thompson, and I am a doodle addict.

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July's Guest Contributor: Greg Kletsel
Pens, Paper, Colored Tape, and Stickers

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Drawn Tattoos
Member Spotlight: Mason McFee
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Kelly Lasserre
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Look Up and You'll Miss It
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There's a Forklift in My Pencil Case
Keep Feeling Fascination

Get Published
Music = Art = Music
Coloring Book, Vol. 2 update
Living in a Magic and Euphoric World

Surreal Dreamy Drawings
An Illustrated Daily Life
Detailed Classical Portraits
Letter by Letter

I Can See Your Guts
Fan Mail, Part VI
Six-course Meal

Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 2
White With Fear
Night of the Drawn Dead
Totally Axonometric

Little Miss Typophile
2012 Hand-Drawn Calendar
All My Pistachios

Recent Comments
I totally agree, music helps my mind relax and facilitates creativity. I find different styles of music create different drawing experiences as well. My husband often makes his own electronic music in our attic studio that we share and I like the repetetive rhythms as they help me zone into the fine details of my drawings. But I also love listening to the familiar songs from my youth that have helped shape my personality such as the Pixies and Sleater-Kinney with their drony guitars and harmonies as they bring out a confidence in my work.

BBC Radio 6 Music is a reliable source of eclectic inspirational music, but I agree that I miss the good old mix tape with all its nostalgic connections with people and places.

These are beautiful and really sum up how it feels to be creative and the pressure we put on ourselves.

I am obsessed with birds. I have been building up a journal over the past few months of my sightings and bird doodles, which has been really fun! I am a big fan of Matt Sewell's bird illustrations too, so much personality:

These are gorgeous, I could look at them forever!

This reminds me of Tove Jansson\'s illustrations. Extremely magical and endearing.

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Doodlers Anonymous
Work at Leeds College of Art.
MA in Textile Design from the Swedish School of Textiles. Love colour, shape, pattern, texture, people and nature.

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