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Hello, my name is Effie Dee,
and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
Just Do Do Do.
Fax Ex-Machina
A Dream of Beauty and Balance
February's Guest Contributor:Jim Bradshaw

I Don't Know
Get Technical
The Travel Sketchbook
Joseph Pelling

Unflattering Portraits
Questionable Characters
It Usually Manifests
Featured: Ted McGrath

Fan Mail, Part II
Fan Mail, Part III

Recent Comments
repetitive, loving and story-telling.

my computer is covered with thoughts like this on little pieces of paper.

These are beautiful. I just scored a whole bunch of graph paper from the 70's, and now I have iddeeaaassss...
This makes me happy.

You can't fight with maths!

I bought an 80's version of Roget's Thesaurus because it has an incredibly dorky rainbow on the front.

I have one product running through fishindie. Loving it to bits!

woah... that is intense, scary and tempting all at the same time.

Insects are my favourite things to draw. There is such an incredible variety of lines and shapes and textures even in just one bug. Plus, the view changes so dramatically for both macro and micro doodles. Then, when you\'re done with drawing a bug, it\'s heaps of fun to just put one on the paper and trace where it walks.

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Fashion, sculpture.
Really good at doodling with beads. It's an art guys.

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