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Hello, my name is jeff meadows, and I am a doodle addict.

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Wow, you guys are very perceptive! Actually I have always had a tough time creating anything on a blank surface, and have always just scrapped pieces that were running away by themselves in a direction that I would not choose myself. I also felt that last year was way to serious, and I was not enjoying the creative process as much as I have in the past. With the pieces that I have been creating latley, I have been doing just what UBERKRAAFT and almost all of you have seen. I have just been loosly drawing, or painting, DOODLING, and most importantly having fun with the piece. Sanding, buffing, and going over parts of the piece that I don't like until I get something that is kinda cool looking (rather than tossing it to the buff yard).
I grew up as a skateboarder, and spent years as a street artist, so I think these pieces often remind me of old tag walls or bathroom stalls.
Anyway, blah blah! Thanks everyone for the kind words, and special thanks to UBERKRAAFT for sharing. Boost.

For sure. Having fun is what this is all about!

Boost! Great works, I love the gritty feel.

Mr Doom rocks!

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Jeff Meadows was born and raised in Richmond, California and has been skateboarding and creating art since he was young. He first exposed his art on the city streets, and later studied digital arts and animation. For the past five years, he has been showing his art throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and around the country. Jeff gets his inspiration from retro illustration, hand-painted signs, and classic cartoons.

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