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Hello, my name is überkraaft,
and I am a doodle addict.

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June's Guest Contributor: Thereza Rowe
Cut It Out
Good Habits, Clean Living

To Whom It May Concern
Off The Pages
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Abstract Pairings
Silav - Rick Baker
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Will Bryant says...
November’s Guest Contributor: uberkraaft

Recent Comments
Was trying to find the work where he doodled on classic American history paintings .. but alas I couldn't find 'em

Elin... Real shame he's not around anymore :(

Aw hey... Nancy too kind! Thank you... quiet though or Okat will kick me out :p

:D That's just not fare!! (sic)

Hey Jeff... no problem , you're welcome! There's a great tip in there too about mussing up a surface or using scrappy stuff to get you over the fear of a blank page :) ... and of course, having FUN! :D

Thanks Will - you are a true inspiration & yep I will have fun :D

Spot on Josh :) Those colored pieces are collabs with Uganda Lebre - Have a look if you haven't seen him before ... great lines :)

Dias - not that I know of - are you thinking of Blu

- it's great though :)

:D Cheers Tommy

Samantha - thanks for that - I hadn't seen that work before ... :)

Very welcome :)

Check out Silavs photostream for some other great collabs too!

Aw yeah, the Shins!! Of course :) - Chris that lettering is great

Lisa, Arya .. yes and yes!!

My copy just reached the UK - It is even better than I imagined!! Brilliant work guys :)

Happy New year Okat (& the team) - thanks for being a constant inspiration :)

This made my week :)

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I'm paid to create brands & websites and other commercial claptrap but it's fair to say I just love to doodle...

I make stuff, paint on things, doodle on snails and fruit and generally drift through the days….

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